Operation Center : 3rd Party File Manager for Windows

Like any other operating system, Windows also comes with a file management tool called Windows File Explorer. But some Windows users want a bit extra from a file management software and this is why they turn to third-party file managers like Operation Center.

Operation Center is much more than a simple file manager. We can obviously carry out all the file operations such as copy, delete, move or rename using Operation Center. But it integrates many more features that are not found in the Windows File Explorer. For example, we can download files directly from a website to your local hard disk drive using Operation Center. It comes with a dedicated download manager of its own. It has a two-pane user interface and also a preview section for showing previews of media files.

Among many other features, Operation Center comes with full OneDrive cloud storage support. We can configure the OneDrive account once and then can access the files stored on the cloud as if it is just another drive.  Similarly, we can access files stored on a remote FTP server as FTP protocol is integrated with it.

Operation Center

Operation Center comes with photo management features that make it very easy to manage photos. The tools allow for easy importing of photos from an attached camera, run a slideshow of all the selected images, display the EXIF metadata, pack all the images into a single ZIP archive, search of image files based on their tags. We can add descriptions to the pictures and save it in the metadata. We can even set one of the photos as the Windows desktop background (wallpaper).

Operation Center can be installed on a portable USB flash drive so that you can keep it always with you for emergency uses. It works on all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 7.

You can download Operation Center from https://www.jmmgc.com/operationcenter/.