iSunshare Product Key Finder : View Windows CD Key

My latest Windows PC is a custom built PC that I bought from a local computer shop. They installed Windows 11 Home edition on it too. I wanted to see whether the installed license key (CD key) for Windows 11 matches the one they printed out on the paper. So the technician use a software to bring up the CD key on Windows 11 and showed it to me. There are many ways such as iSunshare Product Key Finder to display the license key of installed software including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, VMware and many more.

iSunshare Product Key Finder is a handy software to quickly retrieve the license keys (also called CD key or product key) of various installed software. It can work with all the Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 11. When run on Windows 11, it showed the Windows 11 version to be Windows 10 but it showed the license key correctly.

iSunshare Product Key Finder

After launching iSunshare Product Key Finder, we have to click on the Start Recovery button. The application will scan your PC for any installed software and their license keys. Basically it looks for the various locations in the Windows registry for license keys where they are usually placed. Some of these keys are encoded using Base64 algorithm in which case, Product Key Finder has to decrypt them.

When the keys are found and displayed on the screen, you can click on the Save to file button to save the displayed keys to a text file. We can also print this file using a printer for later reference.

In the trial version of the iSunshare Product Key Finder, they display only first few characters of the full license key. In order to see the complete license key, you have to purchase the full version of iSunshare Product Key Finder.

You can download iSunshare Product Key Finder from