Quickly Remove Objects from Photos with Gihosoft Photo Eraser

If you want to remove objects from a digital photograph, then perhaps the first thing that will come to your mind is Adobe Photoshop. There is nothing wrong in using Adobe Photoshop but using Photoshop also requires that you have a really powerful computer. In addition, you will also need to acquire some skills to actually use Photoshop in a productive manner. We do not even have to mention about how expensive Adobe products are.

If you have neither the time to learn editing skills with Photoshop, nor a powerful computer on which modern Adobe products can be used, then you can try Gihosoft Photo Eraser. It is a small Windows picture editor that specializes in removing annoying objects from a digital photograph.

Gihosoft Photo Eraser is so so easy to use that it can be used even by a fifth grader. First of all we have to open the picture file that we want to work on. When the picture has been opened in the Photo Eraser, we can use a number of tools to make a selection of the regions or objects that we want to get rid of. There are all sorts of selection tools available in Photo Eraser.

Gihosoft Photo Eraser

After making a selection, we can click on the golden Erase button. In just a few seconds, the objects are magically removed and the background is automatically replaced by the matching background. The image can now be exported into a number of the popular image file formats. In the trial version, Photo Erase adds a watermark on the saved images. If you want to save the images without the watermark, you have to register for the full version.

In addition to remove the annoying unwanted images that have accidentally been captured into your photographs, you can also clone objects and retouch your face in the photographs. You can remove blemishes, pimples, scars or spots from your skin in the photos.

You can download Gihosoft Photo Eraser from https://www.gihosoft.com/photo-eraser.html.