Pass11 : Generate & Check the Strength of Passwords

Pass11 is a secure password generator and it can also check the strength of the existing passwords. It is available for Windows only. The program comes in a ZIP archive and we can run it without having to install anything on our Windows PC.

When we launch Pass11 for the very first time, it take a few seconds to start. According to the developer of this program, the delay is due to import of the JavaScript code. The program has a tiny window in which it shows generated passwords.

We can click on the “refresh” button to keep generating as many secure random passwords as we want. All the generated passwords make use of all the available character sets – uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters.

As we generate the passwords, it also displays the strength of the passwords in two ways – first it changes the color of the bar under the displayed password. When it is green, your password is secure. When it is yellow or red, your passwords is of very weak quality. The second way is to display how much time it will take for a computer to crack your password.


We can check the strength of any existing password in a similar manner. We can type or copy/paste the password in the Pass11 text box and it will examine the password to show its strength.

As far as generating a secure password is concerned, it is good but it does not give any control over the length of the passwords. Suppose I want to generate a password of length 26, Pass11 cannot help us in this case.

It checks for the dictionary attacks and finds if you are using a combination of the words from an English dictionary. Even if a password is very long but it uses dictionary words, it is shows as weak.

You can download Pass11 from