WithData Batch Image Converter : Resize and Convert Image Files

Batch Image Converter is a Windows application to facilitate easy conversion of image file formats. In addition to converting the image file formats, it can also resize them. It supports a large number of image file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PCX, PBM, TGA, etc. There is a version for Linux and macOS also available.

The user interface of Batch Image Converter is designed in the style of backup tools. We can create conversion tasks and these tasks can be scheduled. For each of these tasks, we can specify the conversion parameters and other options.

When we start Batch Image Converter it shows a plain simple window where we can choose to create a new task or open an existing task. Without creating a task, it is impossible to use its image conversion or image resizing features.

Batch Image Converter

For each of the tasks, we have to select a source folder where your image files are places. We can choose a filter to select files of only a certain extension or filename. The filter is basically a wildcard using which we can narrow down the number of image files for the source selection. It also gives an option to recursively go through the sub-folders.

In a similar manner, we can choose the output folder where the converted image files will be placed. We can configure two types of actions – resize the images or convert the images. We can add more than one action in the tasks, for example, we can choose to resize the image and then convert it to another format. The program supports a large number of output image file formats.

Batch Image Converter

Once you have created a task, you can easily load it later and make changes to it we needed. This saves the user from unnecessary repetition of configuring the application again and again.

You can download WithData Batch Image Converter from https://withdata.com/batch-image-converter/.