Perfect Backup : Easy Backup Solution for Windows

All of the computer experts give you the same advice to keep regular backups of your important files. Keeping a  backup of your files ensures that you can get your files back in the unforeseen events like disk failure, loss of data, malware infection etc.

In order to make backups of your files, you can try a free software called Perfect Backup. It is a small backup software for Windows. It offers all the usual features that you would find in a typical backup software such as:

  • Backup compression. We can compress backups using the familiar ZIP archives. We can also password protect the backups to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Scheduled backups. We can choose the day and time when an automatic backup of your selected folders or files is to be created. This way your files are backed up even if you forget to back them up.
  • Support for FTP and cloud storage. We can  store the backups locally as well as on FTP servers or cloud storage. Storing backups on remote servers provides further protection against local hardware damage.
  • Different types of backups. It offers incremental, differential, full and sync backups. We can choose a backup type based on our needs.

Perfect Backup

The user interface of Perfect Backup is very easy-to-use. It presents us with a wizard like user interface when we try to create a new job. Through these steps, we can choose various parameters and settings for each of the backup jobs. We can choose the source files to be backed up, we can choose destination folder, we can choose whether the backup is going to be compressed or password protected. We can decide the type of backup we want and so on.

If you have important files and you want to protect them against any kind of data loss, then you can use Perfect Backup to create their backups. We recommend backing up your files over to a cloud storage account such as One Drive or Google Drive.

You can download Perfect Backup from