Swifty : Open-Source Offline Password Manager

There are so many password managers that all push saving  the passwords on the cloud. But for using these password managers, we have to be always connected to the internet. But there is a password manager called Swifty that stores all the data offline while also giving you an option to upload the data to your Google Drive account.

Swifty is a cross-platform password manager that offers powerful encryption when storing your passwords, login credentials, cards and other confidential data. It uses the strong AES 256-bit algorithm for encrypting all of your data so that it stays safe from everyone. The data is always kept encrypted whether it is stored in a local file or in the program memory.

Swifty is available for all the popular platforms such as Linux, Windows, macOS. We can store credentials, credit cards, and secret text notes in Swifty. All of your data is heavily encrypted and kept secure.

When we launch Swifty for the first time, it asks for the master password. This master password must be chosen careful as without this password you won’t be able to access the rest of the data stored in the Swifty app.

Swifty Password Manager

Once you have created a master password, you can begin adding new accounts. For adding a new account, you have to enter the account name, website, username, password, OTP, email address, description and tags. The OTP (Time based one-time password) is optional as it is generated only by services offering 2FA (two-factor authentication).

Swifty comes with a password generator. We can choose the character set (numbers, uppercase and special characters) and the length required. The rest needed for creating a strong password is done automatically by Swifty.

In addition, Swifty performs an automatic password audit and detects weak, old and duplicate passwords that can be replaced with strong and unique passwords using the built-in password generator. The audit section shows the rating for your passwords. A rating of 10 is best while lower rating means weaker passwords.

You can download Swifty from https://github.com/swiftyapp/swifty or from https://getswifty.pro/.