Twistpad : Source Code and Plain Text Editor for Windows

If you are a developer and have tried making even simplest of changes to the source code files then you know that Microsoft Windows Notepad is not enough. You need a plain text editor that has something extra such as syntax highlighting for various programming languages or auto-completion of various keywords.

Twistpad from Carthago Software fulfills all of these requirements. It is a full-featured source code editor and supports colored syntax highlighting for a number of programming languages (HTML, ASP, XML, C, C ++, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl and more). It can also create and edit many plain text files. We can replace Windows Notepad with this free text editor easily.

Twistpad is a serious source code editor and it can list all the functions defined in a source code file. We can double-click on a function name to quickly jump to the function definition and edit it.


Twistpad is itself coded using Embarcadero Delphi and uses native Win32 API. It does not make use any of the runtime libraries such as .NET or JRE. It is available in the portable version which does not leave any remnants on the system on which it is run.

Editing a file using Twistpad is very easy as it comes with all the usual editing, searching and replacing tools. It has a user interface where  the clipboard manager is displayed to the left, the text editor in the center and the file browser to the right of the window. This makes working with a number of source code files very easy. Similarly, we can easily import data from the clipboard manager in just a flash.

Twistpad comes with the ability to change the color themes. We can change these color themes from the Twistpad preferences. There are dozens of color themes such as alfa, brownie, dark, dark grey and more.

You can download Twistpad from