Tron : Fully Automatic Script for Disinfecting a Windows PC

There are so many steps we have to take when we have to clean an infected Windows PC. We have to use some of the very well known tools in order to search and remove the infection. We can then proceed to restoring files from the backup or copying original files from the Windows installation media. Finally, we can do some basic cleanup, collect the logs and update the system.

But for carrying out all these steps manually, you have to break your back as you have to type certain commands or run certain programs in a specific manner. And you have to obviously wait for one program to finish doing what it had been doing in order to move on to the next step.

Now a genius developer has created a fully automatic script which can run all these steps one after another without any user intervention. This script runs 9 steps or stages in total. As you launch it explains all the stages that it is going to run and what they are going to do. The script must be run with administrator level access (right-click on tron.bat and then choose Run as administrator).


The script explains that the first stage runs a number of tools to kill the malicious processes using RKill, Kaspersky TDSSKiller and McAfee Stinger. The next step removes all the temporary files. Next it removes the bloatware from your Windows PC. In the fourth step is runs some powerful anti-malware tools like Sophos, K7 Antivirus Free Scanner, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and more. It also fixes some corrupt files using DISM.

Once the malware has been handled, it moves on to repairing the system using CHKDSK or SFC. Afterwards it also defrags the C: drive (only hard disk drives) and prepares the logs for the user. We can check these logs or email them to professionals to seek their opinion and advice.

This tool should be used only by advanced users or after advice from professional malware removal experts. You can contact people over at BleepingComputer Forums for some free advice and proceed accordingly.

You can download Tron script from