AMD Cleanup Utility : Remove Old AMD Graphics Drivers

While it does not happen most of the time, but sometimes the old AMD drivers are not properly removed before installing a newer version. This results in bad graphics performance and sometimes the graphics driver is not even detected. This is why it is usually suggested by experts to uninstall the old drivers first, reboot the PC and then install the new drivers. Even in this case, sometimes the old drivers are not completely removed because of some unforeseen error during the uninstallation.

But now AMD has created a special utility AMD Cleanup Utility which is able to fully and completely remove all the old graphics and audio drivers from your Windows PC. When we launch it on a Windows PC, it asks you to reboot into the Safe mode.

In the safe mode, it is launched automatically and we can continue the process. It informs that this application is going to remove AMD device drivers and software such as graphics drivers, audio drivers and Radeon software. It also mentions that it is not going to modify the drivers in anyway.

AMD Cleanup Utility

After a few minutes of removing the AMD drivers, it informs that it has removed all the old AMD drivers for the graphics and the audio hardware. You can see the full report about what has been removed from your system by clicking on the View Report button. Checking this report gives you an idea about which of the files have been deleted.

At this stage, you can boot back into Windows’ normal mode and proceed with downloading and installing the latest version of AMD device drivers from

AMD Cleanup Utility

This utility is also very useful when you are switching from AMD Radeon graphics card to Nvidia GeForce graphic cards. It make sense to remove AMD drivers before switching to the new cards.

You can download AMD Cleanup Utility from