O&O BrowserPrivacy : Destroy All Browser Data in Seconds

When we use a web browser to visit websites, these sites store some information inside the web browser. For example, the web browser collects all the web site URLs visited by us. It also collects some files from the web browser in the cache so that it does not have to keep downloading all the files over and over again. Furthermore, there could be some special files called cookies stored inside the browser storage. All these and many more files of a web browser collected as during the normal operation of a web browser are termed as web browser history.

If you are a privacy conscious person, you would want to get rid of this web browser history as anyone accessing your web browsers can look through the history. They can find about which of the websites you have visited and more. Even if you clear the web browser history using the browser’s in-built function, someone with special file recovery tools can recover the browser history later.

The only solution for completely getting rid of the entire web browser history for good is O&O BrowserPrivacy. This software can remove the web browser history for many of the popular web browsers. It supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It securely erases all the files using many powerful methods such as US DoD overwrite method.

O&O BrowserPrivacy

Using O&O BrowserPrivacy is very easy. It has a wizard like user interface. We begin by selecting the web browsers from which we wish to remove the web browser history. We can also select which objects from the browser history are to be removed.

In the second step, we have to choose a secure erase method from six different methods. The methods with higher security levels overwrite the same file many times and it takes a longer time. Clicking on the Securely Delete Now button will initiate the removal of all the browser history files.

O&O BrowserPrivacy

While using O&O BrowserPrivacy is extremely easy and it works as promised, it does not seem to support portable web browsers. It gives no option to select the portable browser location. In addition, it complained about not supporting the latest version of the Firefox web browser.

You can download O&O BrowserPrivacy from https://www.oo-software.com/en/download/current/oobrowserprivacypro.