Awave Audio: Batch Audio File Format Converter

There are so many great sound recording apps available for both the desktop and mobile devices. But some of these apps are not able to save the recordings in the more popular MP3 file formats. Some of them save only in the WAV format and some of them save the recordings only in the WMA format. The stock Android sound recorder saves only in the AAC file format.

If you have already recorded some audio recordings and want to change their audio file format, then you can use a third party application called Awave Audio. It is a professional batch audio file format converter.

Awave Audio has a wizard like user interface. It can convert the audio file formats in just three steps. In the first step, we can add audio files. You can also add entire directories containing many audio files. The application also allows you to record new audio files from its window. In addition, it can also fetch audio tracks from an audio CD.

Awave Audio

In the second step, we can configure the output folder, output file format, channel format, data format, etc. We can also add audio effects like resampling and gain. We can save all these settings into presets for later use. The Awave Audio offers dozens of different output formats including all the popular audio file formats.

Awave Audio

In the final step, it will show you the progress of the files being converted. For each and every single file, it shows a progress bar for the conversion. It also displays the total time taken for the conversion process.

Awave Audio

In the trial version of Awave Audio, it can convert only first 5 seconds of the audio file so that you can check the quality of the audio files being produced. This limitation is removed in the paid version of the software.

You can download Awave Audio from