Image Eye : Small and Image Viewer for Windows

Even though Windows 11 comes with a image viewer app pre-installed and it supports many of the popular file formats, it takes a couple of seconds to load the image. If you cannot wait to view an image even for a few seconds and are looking for a lightning fast image viewer, then you can try Image Eye. It uses special CPU and GPU features to make everything faster.

Image Eye is a fast, small and highly responsive image viewer for Windows. It is very small in size – only 1.77 MB in download size. After the installation, it gets integrated with with Windows File Explorer. You can then simply double click on any image file to open it in Image Eye. The application supports 27 image file formats including many of the popular formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, PIC, PSD, TGA and TIFF.

Image Eye

The images are loaded in Image Eye in a border-less window. You can also switch to the full screen mode. When you right-click on an open image, it shows even more options. In these context-menu options, we can start a slideshow, switch to the previous or the next image in the same folder. We can rotate the image, mirror image, zoom in the image, or set it as the desktop background. When opening the images, it can make the background translucent and automatically change the background color as well.

Image Eye

Even though Image Eye’s main objective is to display images as fast as possible without burdening the system resources, it can also edit the images. We can adjust the image using this image viewer as well. We can change the brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation, gamma, luminance, red-bias, green-bias, blue-bias, etc. We can invert the image colors, mirror the image and rotate it.

You can download Image Eye from