Epic Games Store Giveaway: Fort Triumph

Epic Games store is giving away another game this week – “Fort Triumph”. It is a fantasy turn based strategy game where you engage in fierce but funny battles. In this game, you are going to play in the teams. You can become the leader of a number of heroes who all have different set of powers or skills. You can fight with the enemy on a large number of maps.

As far as weapons are concerned, this game offers you a great many options. In addition, you can use any object lying around to hit your enemy with. For example, you can use a large rock or a log of tree as a weapon in the battles.

During the game, you can teach your characters new tricks and skills. With each battle that you win, you grow smarter and stronger. This way your army of heroes becomes unique and gains new powers with time.

Fort Triumph

The game uses procedural generated maps which are new each time you play a level. New maps and new learned skills make your heroes and battles unique. You can keep playing this game for weeks and still not feel bored with it.

The system requirements for “Fort Triumph” are very minimal. A Windows PC running on Windows 7 with 8 GB RAM and Intel Core i3 is enough to play this game. However, you need a decent graphics card like Nvidia GeForce GT 710 in order to play comfortably.

You can grab “Fort Triumph” for free by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/fort-triumph. In order to claim this giveaway, you have to sign-in to your Epic Games store account and then click on the Get button. The rest of the process is similar to buying a game from Epic Games except that in the giveaway, the total amount to be paid is set to zero.