WinPrinter : Print Any Document on Windows

Imagine that you have to print a Microsoft Word .docx document. For this, you will have to first open that file in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. Then you can click on the printer icon in the toolbar of Microsoft Word to initiate the printing. The process is not much different for all the other types of files. For all the files, you have to go through many windows, multiple clicks and a bit of annoyance.

In order to make life simpler for the people who print several text based documents everyday, someone has created an open-source application called WinPrinter. It is a Windows application that aims to simplify printing on a PC. It has a small window in which you can select a file by clicking on the Select Document button. It supports text files of all kinds such as TXT, DOCX, DOC, RTF, XML, PDF, and HTML. All of these file types usually contain text data.


After selecting the file to be printed, you can click on the button Print Document. This will initiate the printing of the document and a print dialog will be opened. Here you can choose how many copies of the document are to be printed and click on the Print button to begin printing. It uses the default printer assigned on your Windows PC.

WinPrinter is very productive application for both the beginners and the advanced. It is specially useful for the office employees of a printing workshop who have to print hundreds of documents during a work day. The application lacks the ability to print multiple copies. Another drawback is that it cannot print image files which could be immensely useful. Perhaps in the future version, they can add command line parameters so that it can be used in a batch script.

You can download WinPrinter from