GOG Games Giveaway : Horror Game “Daymare: 1998”

A nightmare is a horrifying dream that you see when asleep. But when this terrifying dream does not end even after you have woken up from the sleep, it is called a daymare. This week, GOG is giving away a game with the same title – “Daymare: 1998”. As you can guess, it is a third-person survival horror/action game with some very disturbing graphics.

In this game, you are sent to a town where a secret chemical weapon research facility has been breached. The leaked weapon has turned all the inhabitants of that town into monsters. You are there to investigate the situation and find out what actually happened there.

You arrive on the scene in a helicopter and you have to follow the steps of the helicopter pilot, a forest ranger and an elite soldier. With these three leading you, a hoard of blood-thirsty monsters will leap at you. You will find out the hard way that these monsters just won’t die. The graphics for these monsters have been designed by Satoshi Nakai, the artist behind the graphics for Resident Evil series of games too.

Daymare GOG Giveaway

So many gamers  have compared “Daymare: 1998” to Resident Evil series of games. However, the creatures in the former are more powerful and just won’t quit running towards you. You have to plan a strategy and solve a number of puzzles before you can hope to survive these dreadful number of enemies swarming all over the place.

You can grab the giveaway game “Daymare: 1998” by visiting https://www.gog.com/en/game/daymare_1998. You will have to login to your GOG account (which is free to create) and then just add it to your library during the giveaway period. You can download and install the game on your PC either from the website or through the GOG Galaxy software. The total download size for “Daymare: 1998” is 22 GB.