Mars24 : NASA App to Monitor Time on the Mars

In the recent times, American NASA and Indian ISRO have already sent space missions to the red planet Mars. In the past, Soviet Russia had also landed their spacecraft on the Mars. Founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk  has also stated his mission to colonize our closest neighbor planet.

With so many programs geared towards reaching and establishing a human colony on the Mars, sooner or later we will be wondering what is the current time on the Mars. A brilliant scientist from NASA has addressed this problem and come up with a Java based program called Mars24.

Even though Mars24 is designed mainly for the scientific community and the students, ordinary folks can also revel in the possibility of checking the current time on a different planet. The whole idea sounds so fantastic for the present generation.

Mars24 is a cross-platform application that displays the exact time on the Mars. It is designed using Java and you must install JRE on your computer to make it work. You can download JRE from

Mars24 : Time on Mars

When launched Mars24 instantly displays time for two planets – for the Earth and for the Mars. The current time for the Earth is displayed in the green color and that for the Mars is displayed in red. I wonder why they didn’t use the blue color for Earth time (because Earth is also known as the blue planet).

The Mars24 application displays a graphical presentation of the planet along with many known locations on it. The time is displayed for all these locations. The graphical planet  also shows the division of the planet into day and night zones.

The information also includes charts showing the relative orbital positions of the planet Mars and Earth, as well as diagrams showing important parameters related to the Sun and location on Mars.

You can download Mars24 from