How to Clone Blu-Ray Discs Using Blue-Cloner

Blue-Cloner is a professional software that makes it easy to clone a Blu-ray disc easily. It is a Windows application and works out of the box without requiring anything extra to be installed. Of course, you computer must have a Blu-ray Writer drive in order to read from an existing Blu-ray disc and then to write to another blank Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray drives are easily available on Amazon.

The user interface of Blue-Cloner is designed for the beginner users as well as for the experts. As we launch Blue-Cloner after installation, it quickly checks your Blu-ray drive for any compatible discs. If it does not find any supported discs then it will show a message explaining that it could not find any Blu-ray disc.

When it detects the Blu-ray disc, it shows the size, title and total capacity of the found disc. Now you can click on the large play button to start copying the contents of this disc to a local folder on your hard disk drive. This folder is used temporarily for keeping the disc contents before a new disc is created.


Next, you have to pull out the old disc and insert a new blank Blu-ray disc. The only thing you have to check is that the source disc and the blank disc should have the same capacity. For example if you are cloning a 25 GB Blu-ray disc, then insert a new 25 GB blank Blu-ray disc. The rest is handled automatically by Blue-Cloner.

For the advanced users, Blue-Cloner also offers some settings that can be tweaked. You can tinker with these settings to bring out the best performance out of your Blu-ray writer. For example, you can enable direct-IO for reading the contents from your Blu-ray drive.


You can keep creating the clones as long as you want and as many as you want. The produced clones are exact duplicates in terms of the disc contents as the original disc. This process can be used to create duplicates of your important Blu-ray discs and create backups of your precious Blu-ray disc collections.

You can download Blue-Cloner from