How to Clear Learned Words from Gboard on Android

Gboard is the official keyboard app for Android from Google. It comes installed on most of the Android smartphones that you are going to buy today. Just like any other Google project, it offers so many features that any user might feel overwhelmed by it.

One of the key features of Gboard is that it learns as you type and helps you autocomplete your sentences in  the future based on the words or phrases it has learned. More you type using Gboard, more it is going to learn and better it becomes in predicting what you are going to type.

For example, if you greet your friends by typing “Good morning Julie” everyday, then Gboard will learn and offer to auto-complete with “Good morning Julie” as soon as you type “Good”.

If you do not like this feature or do not want Gboard to learn your writing style and words, then you can disable this feature and clear the learned words using these steps:

  1. Open any web browser on your Android smartphone and tap in the address bar so that Gboard appears.
  2. In Gboard long tap on forward slash (/) and then select cogwheel icon  to open Gboard settings.Gboard Clear Learned Words
  3. In Gboard settings, tap on Advanced.
  4. Tap on Delete learned words and data on the next screen.

These steps will clean all the words and other writing patterns or styles that Gboard has learned from your typing. This includes people’s names, locations and very often used words or phrases. If you want to disable the Gboard learning in the future, then you can turn off all the options under the Learning section in step 4 above. There are are two options that are to be disabled for this – Adapt Gboard to your typing & voice and Improve voice & typing for everyone using data saved on your device.