How to Convert a PDF into Password Locked EXE

Everyone uses PDF documents for the various benefits they offer over other document formats. First of all PDF file format is very old (first PDF file was created in 1991) and this is why it is supported on both old and new devices. Secondly, because of the PDF structure, the PDF document is going to look exactly the same on all the platforms no matter which application you use and which printer you use to print it off from. Finally, we can add many restrictions in the PDF files when distributing them to the public.

However, some of the restrictions or security protections offered by the PDF file format are not that strong when it comes to the modern cryptographic standards. For example, PDF 1.5 uses RC4 encryption which is weak. A much stronger AES cipher is available only if you are using PDF 1.6 and later.

If you want to secure and protect your PDF documents then you can turn it into an EXE file using PDF to EXE Converter. In addition to adding multiple layers of security, it also adds the convenience of opening the PDF file on any PC. This EXE contains an in-built document viewer and therefore can be used even on those computers that do not have any PDF viewer application (like Adobe Acrobat) installed.

Using PDF to EXE Converter is very easy. It has a tabbed user interface and each tabs offers a set of options. After opening a PDF file in PDF to EXE Converter window, we can add background music to the file. We can change the background color and change the background music volume. We can add password protected restrictions. We can add watermarks to all the pages.

PDF to EXE Converter

If offers a large number of restrictions to be placed for the PDF file (when converted to EXE). You can restrict the usernames, domain names, computer names, machine signatures for viewing the file. You can restrict the date and time for viewing the file. You can restrict how many number of times the file can be viewed or printed.

The final EXE file can be customized and we can change its icon as well as the message that is displayed when it is launched. We can also add a company logo to the PDF file.

PDF to EXE Converter is a very useful application if you are going to distribute a PDF file (such as an e-book) to the public and want to restrict and secure it from being modified or copied. It offers a very high grade cipher for all the encryption.

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