Play Lunar Lander Game While Copying Files on Windows

The most boring part of using a desktop PC is when you are copying files from one drive to another. If one of the drives is a little slower and the file being copied is very large, then it takes forever to copy the files. And if you are copying from a remote network, then you can even get time enough to have a short nap before the copy progress reaches 50%.

Fortunately someone has created a little game called Lunar Lander that appears in the file copy progress window itself. It is similar to the tiny dino racing game that appears in the Chrome web browser’s error pages. When you are copying large files, this game can be played to kill time.

As you launch the game EXE, it places an icon in the notification area. From this notification area icon, we can choose the game level to be hard or easy. After playing the game for a few times, you can decide which ones you like the most – easy or hard.

Lunar Lander Game

When you copy large files, you will see “Click to play” in the progress bar. The progress bar should be in the expanded format with green colored graph showing. In the game a small lunar lander appears which can be controlled using right, left and down keys.

The objective of this game is to land on the marked place on the copy progress graph (which look like hills). If you miss the spot then the game is over. You can restart the game using the space key.

Lunar Lander Game

When trying this game on Windows 11, I noticed that the game appears only when the copy progress bar is paused and resumed. I tried to play this game many times, but even in the easy mode it is very hard to land on the marked location on the hills. Nevertheless, it is definitely a great way to entertain oneself during very large copy operations.

You can download Lunar Lander game for Windows from