How to Play Videos on Windows Desktop Background

When it comes to personalize a Windows PC, the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to change the desktop background (also called desktop wallpaper). In the days of Windows 95/98, only BMP images could be set as the wallpaper. But in the later versions Microsoft has allowed JPG images to be used as the desktop background. But what if we want to use a video as the desktop background? This is not possible with the current Windows settings, but using a third-party application called Desktop Movie, we can accomplish this too.

We can play any video that can be played using Media Player Classic – HC ( as the desktop background using the freeware application called Desktop Movie. But for the whole thing to work, we must have all the media codecs installed. If you do not already have codecs installed, then you can download and install all codecs from

Desktop Movie

The Desktop Movie software itself is a portable application. When launched for the very first time, it makes changes to the system registry. There seems to be no way to undo these changes which could be annoying for some users.

It will ask you to select a video or playlist. The playlist can contain local videos as well as online streams. As soon as you select the playlist, it starts to play the videos or online streams as the desktop background.

Desktop Movie

You can right-click on the system tray icon of Desktop Movie and choose to play the movie letterboxed, stretched, or cropped. If you have a multiple monitor configuration then you can also choose which of the monitors are going to get the videos as the desktop background. For the monitor selection, you should not choose the extended desktop configuration in the Windows screen settings.

You can download Desktop Movie from