Kryptor : Cross-Platform Command Line Encryption Tool

Kryptor is a powerful  encryption tool for Windows, Linux and macOS. It works in the command line interface and offers a wide range of features. We can encrypt files, directory, messages, streams and more using this small tool.

Kryptor is available as fully standalone portable application. There is only one small program file kryptor.exe which can be used for everything from generating a private/public key pair to encrypting or signing the files.

Kryptor uses very modern encryption ciphers such as ChaCha20 together with Poly1305. It also uses BLAKE2 for hashing. All of these algorithms are taken from the very well acclaimed cryptographic library Sodium. This ensures that all the implementations are done properly and are up to date.

If you are just starting out Kryptor then you have to begin with generating a public and private key pair. The private key is to be kept securely on your own PC and should not be given to anyone. The public key can be provided to others for decryption. In order to generate a new key pair, you can give command kryptor.exe -g.


When generating a new key pair, you are asked for a password or pass-phrase. This password is used in the future every time you want to use the keys generated by you. You should memorize this password and also keep the key pairs safely somewhere. Losing any of these three means that you won’t be able to decrypt any of your files.

In order to encrypt a file, you can give a command kryptor.exe -e readme.txt where readme.txt is the file being encrypted. It will use the default private key that you had earlier generated for encryption. You will have to supply the password used to generate the key pair. The encrypted file is saved with a .bin appended to the file name.

When decryption an encrypted file, the process is almost exactly the same – only this time we use the switch -d instead of -e. We can also specify the password in the same command line. In addition, we can use a private key stored in some other location (other than the user profile directory).

You can download Kryptor command-line encryption tool from