How to Repair Corrupt Matroska Video (MKV) Files

So many times it happens that the video files that you had saved on your old hard disk drives many years ago become corrupt. This could happen due to many reasons but when it happens, we do not look for the reasons. Rather we want to quickly fix the video files.  This is where a freeware called FixMKVGaps comes very handy.

FixMKVGaps is a small software that can fix all the Matroska video files (with the MKV file extension). It does not work with any other kind of files. The video file must be a Matroska encapsulated video file.

FixMKVGaps has a wizard like user interface. It takes us from one step to another making it very easy to fix the MKV videos. In the first step, we have to choose the video file itself. We can select only one MKV video file at a time by clicking on the Open button.


The analysis of the selected video file might take some time. Depending on your PC hardware and the video file size the process may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. When the analysis is over, it shows if it has found any gaps in the video files.

A gap means that the frames are missing or have become corrupt in those places. If you play an MKV video with gaps, it will produce problems with the playback. You can begin the repair of the MKV video files by clicking on the Repair button.


However, if it does not find anything wrong with your MKV video file then it will show a message – “There is no gap”. You can click on the Quit button to close the FixMKVGaps  window. You can test other MKV video files using exactly the same process.

You can download FixMKVGaps  from