Image Cleaner : Remove Unwanted Objects from Images

No matter how much you try to avoid unwanted objects from being captured in your photographs, they sometimes appear anyway. We notice these unwanted things in the pictures only when we are looking through all the photos at a later time. These unwanted objects could be people walking past you, animals, vehicles, plants or anything else that seems out of place.

In the old times, the only way to remove these unwanted objects from your otherwise great looking photographs was through airbrushing. Then digital photo editors appeared in 1990’s and handling of this problem became a little easier. But now AI has become so advanced, that AI based image editor can remove such unwanted objects from your pictures instantly in seconds.

If you also want to remove unwanted objects from your photos using the power of AI, then you can simply visit in your desktop web browser. Any web browser can be used, but I suggest using Google Chrome web browser.

Image Cleaner

This AI based Image Cleaner allows you to open any PNG or JPEG images from your computer. This picture is then opened in a small online editor with only a single brush tool. We can change the inpaint strength and the brush width of this tool.

In order to remove any object from your photo, you can use the brush to select that object. You have to draw over the whole object using the purple color. When you are done, you can click on the Erase button. In a few seconds those objects magically disappear and the background is automatically reconstructed.

Image Cleaner

Sometimes, one attempt to remove an object is not fully successful and some parts remain behind. You can repeat the process once again and remove all the remaining parts too. The results are both fast and very good quality. You can download the resulting image file to your hard drive free of cost.