jpgHD : Lossless AI Based Restoration of Old Photos

This is the time of the year when we all want to be with our family and friends to celebrate the holidays. After a jolly Christmas, we are all preparing for a big and noisy new year’s eve.  As the old year departs and the new year dawns on us, we can sit down and look through the picture albums of the past years. If you encounter a very old photograph belonging to your great-grandparents then you might want to get it restored.

Restoring old photographs is now very easy because of the advancements in the artificial intelligence (AI). There is a free online site called jpgHD which can take your old photos and restore them instantly. In addition, it can also colorize the photographs and create the Harry Potter world style Magic Photos.

In order to use jpgHD we can open the jpgHD website in any web browser. We can click on the Select Images button, choose the JPEG photos from the local drive and start the upload. As it processes the images using the AI, you are shown the progress bar. An average photograph might take around 5-10 minutes depending on the load on the server.


We can create Magic Photos using the AI too. These are special animated photos which resemble the newspapers that you might have seen in the Harry Potter movies. As Harry turned the pages of the newspaper, the pictures seemed to turn into videos and you could actually watch them as if you are watching a YouTube videos.

jpgHD is available for all the platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS. In addition, we can also use it from its web app. In all the cases, the photos have to be uploaded to their servers for being processed by the AI networks.

You can get jpgHD apps and web apps from