GOG Games Giveaway : Worms Revolution Gold Edition

GOG is giving away a really popular classic game called “Worms Revolution Gold Edition”. In this game you play as a member of an earth worm army and taken on another group of worms.

It is a turn based strategy action game. It was originally designed to be a 2D action game but with the 3D character design it can be called 2.5D. In this game, earth worms are fighting for their existence as different groups of bugs are going to attack them.

You can make your team of worms and each team can have 16 worms. There are four categories of worms and you can have only 4 members from each of these categories – making a total number of members to 16. These categories include scientists, scouts, soldiers and heavy. All these members have a place in the team for the proper strategy planning to take down the opponents.

The game has 32 campaigns for the single player mode. It also has some extra surprise campaigns. In addition, it also has multi-player mode in which we can fight the Unreal Tournament style battles – death match, forts capture and classic battle. You can also choose the location of battles – sewer, beach, farmyard or spooky cemetery.

Worms Revolution Gold Edition

This game can be easily run on any Windows PC with a dual-core CPU and a minimum RAM of 2GB. It can be played on a PC running on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Like all the games available on GOG, “Worms Revolution Gold Edition” is also DRM free. You can download the full installer which is around 1.4 GB in size and install it any PC you like. You can download and keep the installer files or you can use the GOG Galaxy to auto-download and install it for you.

You can claim your free copy of “Worms Revolution Gold Edition” by visiting https://www.gog.com/en/game/worms_revolution.