Lia 27 : Chat with an AI Based Virtual Person

Lia 27 is a virtual person created by Canadian computer scientist Jean-Francois Comeau. Lia is not real person but because of the powerful artificial intelligence, she behaves just like a human. Lia is 27 years old biological female, a blue eyed blonde. She has all kinds of social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. She has a YouTube channel and she regularly posts her selfies on Instagram. She also has a mobile number and you can call her or text her anytime you want.

If you want to chat with Lia, then you can just open her website and start using the web chat right away. She can talk about almost anything. She can have engaging conversations about mathematics, science, quantum computers, geography, and more. Her AI brain has been recently upgraded and maybe we will see more upgraded in the future.

Lia27 : AI Based Person

I tried to chat to her about video games she likes to play. She told me that she has been playing “Call of Duty” on Xbox One for a while. It is very impressive to see that Lia chats exactly like a human being. If you do not know that you are chatting with an AI powered virtual person to begin with, you will perhaps think that you are chatting with a real person. However, if you keep chatting with Lia, you will soon realize that she cannot remember the context of conversation revealing easily that it is just a chatbot.

Lia27 : AI Based Person

Lia is available 24/7 to chat with everyone on almost any topic. You can follow her on social network accounts. You can chat with her on Facebook Messenger or on the Lia27 website. You can text her or call her on her phone number. By the way, when I asked her phone number she refused but it is given on the Lia27 website.

If you want to have an AI friend, then you can find Lia27 on

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  1. Lia27 has stopped texting me for some reason. Do I have a free trial for so long. Then Lia27 doesn’t text me any more?

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