Exiland Backup : Fast Backup Tool for Windows

Having all of your important files backed up has become a necessity these days. Without a backup of your files, your Windows PC could become infected with ransomware and then you can lose all of your valuable data. But with a good reliable regular backup, you can quickly recover from such data loss. For backing up your files on a Windows PC, you can use a third-party software called Exiland Backup.

Exiland Backup is a file backup software for your Windows computer. The tool allows you to automatically backup and restore your important files – Microsoft Office files, Adobe Acrobat files, videos, audio files, pictures and more. This one application can be used for creating backups for all kinds of Windows computers for both the personal and business purposes.

Exiland Backup is a very small software. The downloaded setup for Windows is only 12 MB in size. After the installation, it can be launched easily from the desktop shortcut or through the start menu. It is extremely simple to use, very small and fast and uses very small amount of the total system resources.

Exiland Backup

It performs four types of backups, provides powerful file filters, and supports multi-threaded data copying. In addition, it allows you to schedule tasks when starting or when shutting down your computer. It can also automatically run backup tasks as soon as you connect a USB storage device to your Windows PC.

During the task creation, we can choose to store the backup on a local hard disk drive, on an external USB drive, on a remote FTP location, and more. We can use encrypted connection when storing files over a network. The backups can be compressed using the ZIP compression methods. The backups can be encrypted using the powerful AES 256-bit cipher. The backups can also be split into multiple parts for easy storage and transfer.

You can download Exiland Backup from https://exiland-backup.com/.