PC Win Booster Free : Scan, Clean and Fix Windows PC

After using a Windows PC for a few months, you will surely notice that the computer have become a little slow to boot. This is because of the accumulation of the junk files and piling up of useless settings in the Windows Registry. This is why regular cleaning of your Windows computer is necessary.

For scanning, cleaning and fixing minor problems on a Windows PC we can use PC Win Booster software. It is a freeware software and works on Windows 10 and earlier versions.

PC Win Booster is a software suite that comprises of many different components. It comes with a junk cleaner for scanning and removing unnecessary files. It has a duplicate file scanner that can find and remove identical files from your hard drive. The duplicate file scanner uses two methods for finding duplicates – using the file names and by comparing the file checksums.

PC Win Booster

It comes with a powerful uninstaller program. Using this uninstaller, we can scan for all the programs installed on our Windows PC. We can remove the unwanted software and corrupt software. We can remove even those software which cannot be removed normally using the respected uninstallers.

Some software come bundled with some unwanted software (PUP) and these usually install toolbars in the browsers. These toolbars are not easy to remove and can cause a problem in the browser usage. Using PC Win Booster, we can quickly remove any of the toolbars that were installed in your web browsers without your permission.

We tested PC Win Booster on a Windows 10 PC and it detected many unwanted junk files on the computer. We could easily remove the junk files using this PC Win software.

In the free version of PC Win Booster, we do not get tools to find critical system vulnerabilities and to fix the system registry errors. These and many other features are available in the paid version of PC Win Booster.

You can download PC Win Booster Free from https://sorentioapps.com/pc-win-booster-free.