Timekeeper : Deskband to Show Date and Time

When you are working on a project or report for the next office meeting, you gotta know the time and date of today. This is why a freeware application called Timekeeper is very useful. It shows the current date and time on your Windows desktop in form of a deskband.

The application is not portable and comes in form of a toolbar that can be displayed in the taskbar for Windows desktop. After the installation of Timekeeper on your Windows PC, we can enable it easily on the Windows taskbar.

In order to enable Timekeeper toolbar (deskband), we have to right-click on the taskbar, select Toolbars and then choose 12noon Timekeeper from there. We can toggle the toolbar just like any other toolbar for Windows.

12noon Timekeeper

As soon as the Timekeeper is displayed on the taskbar, we can see the current date and time. We can right-click on the Timekeeper toolbar to open all the various settings. We can change the date and time format that is used to display in the taskbar. We can change the background color, foreground color (text color), as well as the font used to display the time. We can also change the size to show a larger font size for the date and time.

If we click on the Timekeeper toolbar, it shows the whole calendar from where we can select month, year and the day. We can choose today’s date or any other date and it will be displayed in the Timekeeper deskband.

12noon Timekeeper

12noon Timekeeper is a handy application to always show you the current date and time. The information is displayed in a customized color and font. We no longer have to search the internet for the current date and manage the calendar with the help of Timekeeper toolbar.

You can download 12noon Timekeeper from https://12noon.com/?page_id=178.