Quick File Locker : Lock, Hide and Encrypt Files or Folders

If you have a stash of your private files just lying around on your hard disk drive, then just about anyone can access them and check what is inside them. One way to ensure that you and only you can view your private files containing sensitive information is by encrypting them. A free Windows application Quick File Locker can help you do exactly just that. It can help you encrypt, hide and lock files or folders easily.

Quick File Locker has a user interface which allows for batch file operations. We can add several files or folders in its window and then choose which of the operations are to be applied. We can choose to encrypt the files using Triple DES, we can chose to make them un-readable or we can apply both operations one after another.

We can enter the password in the beginning as we launch Quick File Locker which is applicable for all of the operations. After this, we can import a list of all the files for which we want to apply the selected operations. Finally, we can click on the Lock or Unlock All buttons in the toolbar to lock or unlock them.

Quick File Locker

Apart from manually adding the files or folders to the Quick File Locker window, we can also use the right-click context-menu to quickly lock or unlock files. In addition, the program features a drag-n-drop interface making it extremely easy for everyone to add files or its list for various operations.

Quick File Locker uses Triple DES encryption cipher which is good compromise between speed and security. After protecting your files with Quick File Locker, you can relax knowing that your files are now safe. It can encrypt and lock even large size files in a matter of seconds.

You can download Quick File Locker from https://www.4dots-software.com/quick-file-locker/.