Task Separator 11 : Add Dividing Bars Between Taskbar Icons

Organizing things in proper order for easy access is the first of the few steps towards a successful and productive work life. If all the objects on your desk are properly organized then it looks neat and it makes it very easy to find everything. The same is true for the Windows desktop – we should focus on organizing and group together shortcuts favoring convenience. A free open-source tool called Task Separator 11 is going to help us become more productive by separating shortcuts or icons in the taskbar.

This little tool adds a divider bar or separator between the groups of icons. This facilitates organizing various sets of shortcuts by their function. For example, you can group together all the web browser shortcuts and then put a divider to start another group of shortcuts of image editors and so on.

Using Task Separator 11 is very easy. You have to first launch Task Separator 11 and click on the Create Separator button. This opens another window with a taskbar icon. You have to right-click on the taskbar icon of this window and choose Pin to Taskbar.

Task Separator 11

After that icon is pinned to the taskbar, you can close its window. As soon as you close the window, that icon turns into a separator. Now you can drag it to any position on your Windows 11 taskbar. Using this same process, you can create as many separators as you want.

Task Separator 11

Task Separator 11 is a great productivity booster tool that does not need much of your time. You can keep making as many groups as you want. However, it works better on large screen computers because the small screen computers (smaller than 19 inch) do not have enough room on the taskbar. Another thing to keep in mind is that as soon as you uninstall Task Separator 11, the separators also disappear from the taskbar.

You can download Task Separator 11 from https://github.com/DrummerSi/TaskSeparator11.