StuffIt Expander : Decompress Mac SITX Archives on Windows

Many of us work on many different platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux. While most of the files can be easily accessed across these platforms, some files become a problem. For example, Windows offers no tool to open the SIT (SIT5) or SITX archives that are readily used on a macOS system. While the ZIP archive can be opened by many different tools on all the platforms, SITX seems to be supported only on macOS.

This is where free StuffIt Expander comes and acts as a bridge between Windows and macOS. It is a Windows application that can easily decompress archives of many types including SITX, SIT, RAR, ZIP and ZIPX. It has a very nicely designed user interface. During the installation it associates itself with all the supported file types. It also adds context-menus in the File Explorer.

After installing StuffIt Expander, we can double-click on any of the supported archive file type to open it StuffIt Expander. The application immediately asks you to choose a folder where the contents of the opened archive are to be extracted (expanded).

Stuffit Expander

Another way to open the archives using StuffIt Expander is through its drag-n-drop interface. In this case, we first launch StuffIt Expander using its desktop shortcut. Then we can drag-n-drop any of the supported file on its window. The extracted files are then placed in the folder of your selection.

There are not many settings for the StuffIt Expander on Windows. In its settings, we can choose a folder where all the extracted files are to be copied. Alternatively, we can make it ask for a folder where the files are going to be extracted each time the user tries to expand an archive.

Stuffit Expander

StuffIt Expander is an essential tool for all the Windows computers if you regularly copy files back and forth between your Windows PC and your Mac.

You can download StuffIt Expander from