Advanced PassGen : Generate Very Strong Passwords

Today when we all depend on the Internet in everyday lives, we need passwords for protecting all of our accounts. Whether it is an email account, a cloud storage account, an online bank account or the login to our Windows PC, we need passwords. If we use very easy-to-guess and weak passwords then anyone can break into our accounts. This is why it is very important that we use very strong passwords for all the accounts.

For creating a very strong password that checks all the parameters for being a strong password, we can use a web app called “Advanced PassGen”. Mainly a web app, but it is also available as an application for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The user interface of Advanced PassGen allows us to set a maximum and minimum length for the passwords. We can also choose the character sets to be used in the generation of the passwords such as small case letters, upper case letters, numbers, special characters, spaces and brackets. While most of these are acceptable in all the other sites or apps, the use of space could become confusing in a password.

Advanced PassGen

We can choose the number of passwords to be generated and click on the Generate button. It will open a new screen where the generated passwords are listed. For each of the passwords, it displays the length of the password and its strength in terms of a percentage. We can export the passwords to a JSON, CSV or TXT file.

Advanced PassGen also comes with a tool to check the strength of your passwords using an Advisor tool. However, its algorithm seems to check only for the length of the password. When we entered the whole alphabet, it showed the password strength to be 63%. When the same alphabet is checked on Password Monster, it correctly showed the password to be very weak.

You can download Advanced PassGen from and access its web version from