Vov Stop Start : Restart Applications After a Set Time

Due to the nature of their design, some applications seem to stop responding after some time. For example, if you keep running a basic server, it becomes slower and keeps using more and more RAM. But once its process terminated and restarted, it starts working fine again. We can manually restart these applications which start working again upon restart, or we can use a tool called Vov Stop Start to do our job.

Vov Stop Start is a Windows application that can stop a process and then start it again at a frequency decided by the user. For example, if you want to restart Apache httpd server every hour, then Vov Stop Start can terminated httpd.exe, wait a few seconds, restart the httpd.exe process. It will keep repeating these steps every 60 minutes.

The user interface of Vov Stop Start is very easy to follow if  you understand the purpose of the software. The first thing that you have to specify is the stop process and then the start file. For picking the stop process, you can click on the Select button and pick one of the running processes from the list.

Vov Stop Start

Similarly, you have to pick one of the starting files used to start the process. It could be a batch script or some other starter application. After this you have to click on the Insert to the List button. You can add more than one pair if needed.

After selecting the stop process and the start file, we can set the stop-start period. By default it is set to 600 seconds which means 10 minutes. But you can set it to 1 hour by entering 3600 seconds and so on. There is also an option to set some delay between stopping and starting the application.

After this, you can click on the Stop & Start button and it will start the time counter. As the time counter hits the stop-start time, it will stop the process and then start it again. It will keep repeating this over and over again.

Vov Stop Start is a very specialized application and only meant for the users who are having trouble with some applications that keep freezing or crashing all the time.

You can download Vov Stop Start from https://vovsoft.com/software/vov-stop-start/.