AI Text Classifier Shows if ChatGPT Generated a Piece of Text

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat bot that can answer almost everything. In order to use this chat bot, all you need is a free OpenAI account. After logging into OpenAI ChatGPT account, you can simply start chat conversation with the bot. You can ask the bot to write an essay on any topic, solve any mathematical problem, ask any questions and more. It can help you find grammatical errors in your compositions as well as write source-code of computer programs in many different languages.

Because it can do most of the homework for school students in seconds, many schools have started to ban ChatGPT in their schools. They have given strict warning to the students who are getting their homework done by ChatGPT and then spending the rest of the day playing video games.

As a response, OpenAI has released a new tool called AI Text Classifier that can tell whether a piece of text has been prepared by an AI bot, specifically ChatGPT. This tool is also based on a fine tuned GPT and can help you identify the AI generated text. However, AI Text Classifier does not give you an exact finite answer. It also indicates a probability of a text being written by ChatGPT.

AI Text Classifier

In order to test a piece of text, you have to visit in your web browser. You can then copy-paste your text into the text area and then click on the Submit button. The text has to be 1000 words or more in length.

You might get results like very unlikely, unlikely, unclear if it is, possibly, or likely AI-generated. There is no guarantee that the text was actually generated by the bot even if it says “likely AI-generated”. And on the flip side, it could be written by ChatGPT even if it says “unlikely”. However, these results could give some indication for a teachers who know their students level of learning.