Figr : Advanced Calculator App for Google Docs Sheets

More and more users are now switching to the web apps like Google Docs and rarely use the offline office suites like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice. Even though the offline suites still maintain their usefulness, the web apps are much more convenient and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device without having to install anything.

Google Docs has become a go-to web app whether you are trying to create or edit an office document at your business, school or home. One of the benefits of using Google Docs is the ability to share the documents instantly wit others. This is very important feature to have when you are working in a team and have to work in collaboration with other users.

Now there is another web app called Figr which enhances the already existing features in Google Docs. According to the developer, if the most wanted features of Google Docs and Calculator were mixed together then Figr would have been born natively. Figr works with the Google Sheets to expedite some of the complicated mathematical tasks.

Figr App

Figr has been designed to have a very minimal and clean user interface keeping up with the Google Docs. We can use it to perform efficient calculations for scientific work. We can use mathematical functions such as from trigonometry, vectors, calculus and statistics.

The app can be used for all kinds of conversions. It can convert currencies using the latest exchange values. It can convert the units for lengths, areas, volumes and other type of quantities. It can help you with personal finances, create monthly budgets, estimate your monthly savings and plan for your vacations.

The most interesting feature of Figr is the ability to collaborate with the other members of your team in real-time. You can work with difficult mathematical problems along with other users in real time using Figr.

You can download Figr app for Windows and Mac from