AlomWare Toolbox : All-in-one Utilities Pack for Windows

When working on any standard Windows PC, we need a number of tools for doing small things such as keeping reminders, taking screenshots, managing the clipboard and some basic automation. While we can find different tools for doing all of these things from the Internet, pretty soon we end up using half a dozen of apps on our PC. Using so many tools not only wastes the system resources but we have to jump from one application to another all the time.

Instead of using multiple tools, we can use one tool that offers so many features called AlomWare Toolbox. It is a must to have software for all kind of users and offers a number of productivity tools.

AlomWare Toolbox is a portable application and comes in a ZIP archive. We can download the ZIP file, extract it to a folder and launch Toolbox.exe from there. The user interface offers all the different tools under different tabs.

There are tabs such as Calendar which offers you to set reminders for any day in the year. As you select any day in the calendar and choose to add a reminder. This reminder can be a message or an action to be taken by the application.

Alomware Toolbox

In the Notes tab, we can add notes and save them for later. The application allows searching for the notes using keywords and the date. The Clipboard tab keeps a track of all the items that were copied to the clipboard. Under the Screenshot tab, we can save all the screenshots taken using the PrintScreen key.

AlomWare Toolbox also has tools to protect some files or folders which it keeps in the backup. It can automate tasks, clean the clipboard and relaunch processes. It also comes with some PC Tweaks such as for arranging windows that are very useful in everyday computing life.

You can download AlomWare Toolbox from