AXplorer : Chrome Based Browser with Built-in VPN

Chromium web browser has become so much efficient that now all the other web browsers have started using it code base for everything. After Microsoft Edge browser and Opera started using Chromium’s source code, now there are many more web browsers that are based on Chromium or Chrome.  Now there is yet another web browser called AXplorer which offers very fast and secure web browsing through an in-built VPN service. AXplorer is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Just like in the Opera and the Vivaldi web browser, we can find a reliable VPN service built inside the AXplorer web browser. Using this VPN, we can hide behind the VPN proxy and stay anonymous when browsing online. But VPN is not the only feature that makes this web browser secure. It also comes with many privacy focused defaults than some of the other web browsers.

AXplorer comes with AXShield – built-in VPN service. It is a one-click VPN and can be toggled on or off at the click of a button. The convenience of enabling the VPN makes it a perfect choice for the users who do not want to install a dedicated VPN proxy software on Windows.


AXplorer has built-in support for cryptocurrency. Its installation package is distributed with a crypto wallet for sending and receiving the AXIA Coin. You can find more about the AXIA cryptocurrency from their website. At the time of writing this, we found out that one AXIA coin is equal to 13.45 USD. AXplorer generates daily AXIA Coin rewards for using some of the basic browser features such as setting AXplorer as your default browser.

AXplorer gives full control of the user data back to the user. Instead of having other third-party companies sell your data to others, you can share your data with others with monetary exchange. AXplorer developer says that UBDI technology will be integrated into AXplorer over time which allows opting-in with data sharing pools online.

You can download Axplorer web browser from


  1. I’m just trying AXplorer browser for the first time, and… though it worked fine after installing (on a Windows 7 system – I will never use Orwell 10 or any new MS product until they reverse their attack on user privacy,) the browser only opened directly from the installation process. Now that I’ve closed the browser it’s nowhere to be found on my system – no icon, no file in Programs, and no results for system searches on either “AXplorer” or “Axia.” (I’m having to use Firefox to access this page. )

    I like the GUI and the fact that it has a built-in VPN (though only via “Eyes”- friendly countries like Canada, Germany and Britain,) but given that I cannot find it on my system, I’m thinking my only options are either to do a reinstall and attempt to create a shortcut from within the browser that opens after installation, or just find a different one altogether to switch to. Very annoying that they didn’t even code choices on “Add a desktop / taskbar / Start menu” as part of the installation process, and that no icon appears automatically – or even so much as a program folder. Please advise on how to locate this thing. Cheers, SB

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