Hypetrigger : AI Powered Game Video Clipper

If you play video games on your Windows PC, then you would want to share your game achievements with other players. Recording the game play is not enough for sharing with the friends. You have to find the exact video clip when you made a special move and won the battle the monsters for sharing.

In the older video editors, you had to manually find the moment in the hours long game play video and then extract those few seconds into a small video clip. But now you can use an AI powered video editor called Hypetrigger that can automatically clip the video for a particular game action or event.

Hypetrigger is an AI powered video editor that uses the power of your GPU to detect special events in a game play video. It supports a large number of popular games for which such events or actions can be detected. For example, it supports League of Legends, Apex Legends, Modern Warfare, Call of Duty – Black Ops, Naraka – Bladepoint,  Valorant, Call of Duty – Warzone and many-many more.


We begin by launching Hypetrigger and then adding the video files to the list of videos that we want to work wit. After that, we have to select the game title for which the videos have been added. In the next step, we have to select the special event that we want to find the clips for. We can select more than one type of events. After this, you can simply click on the “Save” button and it will automatically find the video clips for those events in your videos. All the video clips are automatically saved in the MP4 file format.

Hypetrigger can also be customized for finding the custom events of your own choice in a video clip. The developer provides a complete hands-on video for working with Hypetrigger.

You can download Hypetrigger from https://hypetrigger.io/.