BDInfo : Display Technical Information for Blu-ray Movies

In these times of on-demand streaming media services like Netflix, Blu-ray discs may not be that popular but they have their own place. Blu-ray disc movies have really high resolution and also come with some extra contents such as the interviews, bloopers, critics’ reviews and behind-the-camera scenes.

If you have bought a Blu-ray movie from the internet, then you should check the quality and the resolution of the movie that it comes with. We can use a freeware tool called BDInfo to find all the technical details about the Blu-ray movies. It is a portable application and can be run on any PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11. As we can guess, the only main requirement for using this program is to have a Blu-ray drive attached to the PC.

After launching BDInfo, we have to locate the Blu-ray movie files. We can do one of the three things – select the folder containing Blu-ray movie files, select the Blu-ray disc drive, or select the ISO image created from the Blu-ray disc movie. As soon as we select the source of Blu-ray disc, it analyzes it and shows you the details.


However, if it finds something wrong with the source disc files or if the Blu-ray disc is not a movie disc, then it shows an error and does not display any further information.

In the technical information displayed, it shows us the playlists found on the Blu-ray disc. For each of the playlists, it shows the media content that is going to be played. We can see the time length for each of these video files, the codecs used  for both the video and audio streams and more. We can also view the detailed report for the entire Blu-ray disc which can be exported to a file or printed off a connected printer.


In the settings for BDInfo, we can make it display the stream sizes in human readable (easier) format, include stream diagnostics in the full report, include extended video diagnostics summary, include a quick summary, automatically save the reports after scanning a Blu-ray disc, enable chapter ordering, enable SSIF file scanning and more.

BDInfo is a useful tool for everyone who has a Blu-ray disc drive present on their PC. It can display a wealth of information for all the Blu-ray movies. It can also help in diagnosing the problems preventing proper Blu-ray disc movies playback on a Windows PC.

You can download BDInfo from