mGBA : Free Game Boy Advance Emulator for PC

Game Boy Advance was first released more than twenty years ago. This handheld gaming console became very popular as soon as it was released. It has been discontinued since then, but even today many people like to purchase the old, repaired Game Boy Advance from eBay. But what if you cannot buy it from somewhere or if your old Game Boy Advance has gone bad? In that case, you can use an emulator like mGBA which allow you to play the same old Game Boy Advance games on your PC.

mGBA is a portable emulator for Game Boy Advance. It can be run on any version of Windows starting from Windows 7. It is very easy to use and does not have any special requirements. Any PC with basic system specifications can be used to enjoy playing games through mGBA.

For playing the games, the very first thing you need is the game ROMs. Since the games are copyrighted by Nintendo, you cannot download them from anywhere. You have to use your old games and convert them into ROM files yourself.


After copying the game ROM files in a folder, you can launch mGBA. From the menubar, you can select “Load ROM” from there. As soon as you select the ROM file, it is loaded and you can proceed as usual you do on a typical Game Boy Advance. You can use your game controller to play the games.

Not only mGBA allows you to save the games, it can also load the saved games from years ago. If you want to continue playing where you left off twenty years ago, all you have to do is copy your old saves and then load them using mGBA. While playing a game, you can take its screenshot and share it with others.

You can download mGBA emulator for Gameboy Advance from