Breakaway Audio Enhancer : Improve Sound Quality on PC

We all listen to music and we want to have the best speakers to get the highest quality of the music reproduction possible. We even invest in expensive hardware for playing the music. But we can easily improve the sound quality of a Windows PC using a software called Breakaway Audio Enhancer.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer is a multimedia tool that improves the quality of sound coming out from your computer.  During the installation it asks you to check the speakers and the audio quality level of the sound output. When it has been installed, it will open the sound settings window so that you can set the virtual sound device for improving the sound output quality.

After these basic steps have been completed, you can launch Breakaway Audio Enhancer. It will show a small window which can be resized or aligned to the bottom edge of the screen. This application provides full control over all sounds played using all audio, video programs, computer games, web apps like Spotify or while watching videos over YouTube. This is because all the sound played is filtered through Breakaway Audio Enhancer.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer

In the Breakaway Audio Enhancer window, we can change the display mode between oscilloscope, meters or simple. In all the modes, it displays the sound output for the left and the right speakers in a graphical manner. There is a “Bypass” which can be used to toggle off or on the Breakaway Audio Enhancer effects.

In the Breakaway Audio Enhancer window, we can choose various resets like reference heavy, reference classical, perfect blend etc. We can also adjust the volume, range, power, speed, bass level and bass shape from its window. All the changes are applied immediately.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer not only improves sound quality, but also equalizes the volume level during playback. The software is not free and can be used in the trial mode for 30 days.

You can download Breakaway Audio Enhancer from