AudioCDBurner : Turn MP3 Collection into Music CD

While these days many people prefer to use the online music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Prime for listening to on-demand music, some old schoolers still keep a number of MP3 files. There are many audio player applications such as 1by1 that can be used to listen to your huge collection of MP3 files. But if you want to play your music on an audio CD player, then you must create an audio CD first.

If you want to create an audio CD from your audio files, then you can use the AudioCDBurner. It is a freeware tool that can create audio CDs from the WAV audio files. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Since this application can work only with WAV audio files, you have to first convert your audio files to the WAV format. For converting the audio files format to WAV, you can use FFmpeg or MediaHuman Audio Converter.


After launching AudioCDBurner, you have to start adding all the WAV files to its list. You can change the order of the audio files in which they appear in the audio CD. For changing the order the audio files, you can select the audio files and click on the Up or Down buttons. For each of the added audio files, it shows the file name, length in megabytes and the type of the media added.

For the audio CD, we can select the 650 MB or 700 MB type. For each of the audio file, it shows how much size of the audio CD will be taken by that track. When the audio CD is full, you can click on the Burn button. The writing of the audio CD will taken only 5-6 minutes depending on the quality of the CD media and the CD writer drive used.

You can download AudioCDBurner from