Check Grammatical Errors in English with 1Checker Free

If you are a student of the English language at any stage in your life, you should have all the tools at your disposal. For example, you must have a good dictionary such as Merriam Webster’s English Dictionary or Longman English Dictionary for Students. You should also have a standard book on the English grammar such as the Collins Cobuild English Grammar.

But when you are writing in English, you must have a teacher who can guide you when you make basic grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. If you do not have a teacher, you can use a grammar checking program such as 1Checker. It is a freeware grammar checking software that can be used for instant proof-reading of your writing and  also packs some more tools. It also comes with spelling check, grammar check, style review, vocabulary enrichment, dictionary, translation, and more. This is one-stop-solution for all the needs for anyone who wants to learn to write better English.


Unlike some other similar software for proof-reading English writings, it is powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

When we launch 1Checker, it  asks us to create a new account or use a Facebook account to login. This is one reason why it cannot be used offline. After logging in, we can use its editor window to type in or copy-paste text snippets. It will instantly check the typed text for grammatical errors and suggest better ways to write.

As it finds errors, it does not just indicate the erroneous part. It actually gives a detailed explanation about what is wrong with the typed text, how we can correct the mistake and if there is a better alternative to express the same.

1Checker is available as a desktop app for Windows, macOS and also as a plugin for Microsoft Word.

You can download 1Checker from