IPInfoOffline : View Offline Information for IP Addresses

There are thousands of websites that can give you detailed and up-to-date information about any IP address or any IP address range. There are also many tools that can be run on your Windows computer (such as SysInternals’ Whois command line tool). But if you are looking for a tool that can give you plenty of information about an IP address then you can use IPInfoOffline tool.

IPInfoOffline is a small tool that shows you information about IP addresses without requiring any internet connection. Instead of using the internet to find about an IP address, it uses a database of IP address blocks to fetch the information. Inside the database, there is information about a range of IP addresses and which country they belong to.

IPInfoOffline is a portable tool and does not require any installation. The IP address database file is present inside the application itself. As we launch the tool, it asks for inputting all the IP addresses that you want to investigate about. It supports only IP v4 addresses and even if you type in (or copy-paste) IP v6 addresses, it will not recognize them.


For each of the IP address entered, it displays range of IP addresses, CIDR, date of assignment, country, country code or organization (RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC), company name etc. It shows whether you have entered the same IP address twice or more. This could happen if the same IP address falls under two instances. If you are confused about what these organizations like  ARIN and APNIC mean, then these are the organizations that hold the registry for the assigned IP addresses.

We can right-click on the displayed information and choose to export the TXT, HTML, XML or CSV file. We can also generate HTML reports about the data displayed by IPInfoOffline.

You can download IPInfoOffline from https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/ip_country_info_offline.html.