Daminion : Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, or running any kind of media organization, you know that you have to keep an array of media files at hand for use in your posts, articles and videos. These media files could include pictures, videos, or audio files. If you have just started out as a content creator or editor, then you might not have too many media files. But as your work grows, you end up having thousands and thousands of media files. You need to search through these files as quickly as possible in order to use.

In these situations when an organization has a huge number of media files, they need a digital asset management software like Daminion. It is a powerful DAM solution and provides you easy management of all kinds of media assets. It supports the management of images, audio files, video files and PDF documents.

Daminion offers a modern and  a very clear user interface. It reminds of the media manager that comes with some other content management software (CMS) like WordPress. You can click on the Add Files button to add new media files. For each of the newly added files, you can choose a category, people, keywords, events, scene, clients, projects, places and more.


Daminion is a great tool for the news related organizations, because you can quickly search for the images (or other media assets) by just typing the name of a person, place, location or other information stored in the Daminion database. It comes with an AI tagging feature which can automatically create tags for the added media.

Daminion supports more than 100 different types of media files format. Once a folder has been added to Daminion, it can keep scanning the scan folder for the new media files. You can also batch rename a large number of files based on their metadata.

Daminion has so many features that it is impossible to discuss them all in details. It is definitely a great DAM solution for any small or large media organization.

You can download Daminion from https://daminion.net/.