FileMenu Tools : Edit Context-Menu on Windows PC

Every Windows user knows that we can open a file or launch a program by just double-clicking on it or its shortcut. But when we right-click on a file or shortcut, the operating system shows many more options that we can use. This right-click menu is called the context-menu. Typically, this right-click menu is modified by the Windows system or the third-party software during the installation. For example, when we install 7-Zip archive utility adds some items in the Windows context-menu. This is done by modifying the system registry.

But using a small software called FileMenu Tools we can add new items in the context-menu easily without having to manually modifying the Windows registry. Not only we can add new items, we can also use it  for editing the existing items in the context-menu of Windows. FileMenu Tools allow you to add as many options to the menu as you want. Using these extra options we can  perform operations on the files or run external programs.

FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools comes with a neat interface that allow easy editing of the context-menu. There are three tabs for different sections of the right-click menu. The first tab is dedicated is used to edit the context-menu for the files. The second tab edits the items in the “Send To” menu. And the third tab is used to edit the commands for other applications.

We can begin by selecting any of these tabs that we want to edit. Then we can choose an action from the left side bar such as add command, add batch command, add sub-menu, add separator, add file operation commands and more. FileMenu Tools comes with some built-in tools that can be added to the context-menu. For example, you can add commands to split the files, join the files, shred files, calculate the file hashes and more.

You can download FileMenu Tools from