Epic Games Store Giveaway : First Class Trouble

Epic Games store is giving away another game this week – First Class Trouble. This game is a party game and should be played by a number of players. In this game, we come across some troubles caused by the game AI posing as other players. You and other human players together have to stay two steps ahead of the game AI in order to prevent all the troubles that it is going to cause.

This game is a brain twister and you have to always think about various possible situations that can arise by different actions of the players. In this game, you are on a space ship and your goal is to shutdown a very deadly AI present on the space ship. The AI is slowly reducing the oxygen supply on the space ship so that it can terminate all the humans.

Some of the players that look like human are actually androids (in the game they call them Personoids) and they might end up attacking human players whenever they get a chance. You all have to look at the behavior of others to find out who is a personoid. Then all the players vote on who is personoid and then throw them out of the ship. Some of the personoids can vote against a human player to throw them out.

First Class Trouble

The game does not have very high system requirements. It can be run even on an Intel Core i3 system with 4 GB RAM. The graphics card should be a decent one that supports DirectX 11. A headphone is needed to communicate with other players because this is a party game.

You can grab the party game First Class Trouble by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/first-class-trouble and clicking on the Get button. For installing it on your Windows PC, you will have to first install Epic Games Launcher on your PC. This launcher is also available from the same site.